How to Be a Great Motivational Manager

June 4, 2020 11:50 am


We all have had managers who weren’t the best – remember David Brent from the office? Nobody wants to be a manager like him, that’s for sure! So, if you are new to being a manager and are wondering how to keep employees motivated without becoming a David Brent style manager, here are a few ways that good managers motivate their employees.

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As a manager, you will be setting the example. If you are engaging in office gossip, constantly running late, being disorganised or acting in an unprofessional manner, you are not going to have well motivated employees doing the best job they can do. As a manager, you set the standard, so positivity and a good work ethic from you will filter down to employees.

Boredom is a key reason that employees lack motivation. Keep employees engaged and interested, not just in their work but promote a healthy team atmosphere. Cake baking competitions, team days out and hiring someone to come in externally such as motivational speaker UK based Jamie McDonald are all great ways to keep employees engaged and focussed.

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Good communication between manager and employees is essential. Encourage employees to speak with you about ideas they have or any concerns that they may have. Don’t dismiss them but work with them to explore opportunities and develop their own careers – this will help forge a really good team atmosphere and strong work ethic, whilst allowing employees to make the most of their work.