Growing market demand for toroidal transformers: here’s why

June 3, 2020 1:18 pm


There has been a growth in demand for toroidal-style transformers, which can be used in a number of applications. These transformers may only be small but they have a big part to play, offering a low magnetic resistance and good value for money.

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Here are the key benefits of a toroidal transformer and what advantages it can offer when compared with a traditional transformer.

Compact and lightweight

A toroidal transformer is specifically designed to maintain its efficiency and provide an effective containment of the magnetic fields at the same time. The high packing density of this type of transformer means that you can achieve up to 50% reduction in weight and size, which is ideal for audio equipment.

Easy to mount

Another benefit of the toroidal transformer is that it is easy to mount using only a screw; therefore, the time it takes to assemble is reduced. This also limits the maintenance, replacement and repair time and it is possible to use a variety of mounts.

Customised design

A standard toroidal transformer will not always fit the required application; therefore, it is possible to change the dimensions of the core to suit your needs.

Less magnetic interference

With a traditional transformer, there are small air gaps where the separate core parts are joined together and these can lead to stray magnetic fields. A toroidal transformer, however, does not have these gaps, meaning that the magnetic interference field is low. This is particularly beneficial in areas of critical importance, such as medical devices, and the reduction in cost has made these transformers more widely available.

Low noise

The method of manufacture for the traditional transformer can result in vibrations that produce a humming nose, which can be a distraction. A toroidal transformer is designed with a tightly-wound silicon steel strip, making it almost silent.

Low temperature

A traditional transformer can have a significantly higher operating temperature than that of a toroidal transformer, which improves the safety features.

These benefits of a toroidal transformer highlight the efficiencies it has over a traditional transformer and show how it offers value for money. This makes it more effective for use in a range of applications, creating less downtime and providing a better return on investment.