The Neo-Gothic glory at Manchester’s heart.

April 27, 2020 3:12 pm


A truly magnificent structure sits in Manchester. It is the town hall, a beautiful example of the Neo-Gothic style made popular in the Victorian era and an example of the city’s growing importance and power at the time. It was the design of Alfred Waterhouse, a man committed to introducing the style back into architecture and also the man behind the Natural History museum. Within the building lie the famous Manchester murals. They tell the story of the city with it’s founding and its growth.

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The site was chosen for its central location and due to its proximity to banks and retail outlets. This was done to show the changing nature of the city but one of the overriding factors was that it was close to open parkland and could be clearly seen. It was not lost in the factories and mills around the city. It is now a grade one listed building and heavily protected by legislation to keep it at it’s glorious best.