What does a Letting agent do?

April 28, 2020 2:22 pm


In this modern age the current generation has gained another title that they don’t really want or need. They are called “Generation Rent”. With house prices incredibly high the deposit required at a minimum of ten percent seems a tough challenge to even the most frugal of savers. Therefore this is a generation that has been forced to rent. With this kind of demand for properties why would a landlord need a letting agent?

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  1. They’ll find you a tenant. This might not seem so hard but they will do the relevant checks that end up costing you.
  2. If the property is furnished they will have an Inventory Clerk Training as standard for its employees to keep a record.

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  1. Collecting the Rent for you. This will be incredibly helpful as it means you don;t have to do the chasing if there is an issue with payment. Or if there isn’t you just have to take the rent profit from the property.
  2. Dealing with the getting and the returning of the deposit. The question of the deposit is incredibly fraught especially as many rely on the deposit back so that they can move on to the new place. There have been multiple complaints of Landlords denying the deposit for the slightest of reasons.

A letting agent will help with all of this.