Three Reasons for Being Dismissed from your Job

December 2, 2021 6:23 pm


Many people have been dismissed from their employment at some point in their lives – whether you feel that this was fair or whether you pursued a constructive dismissal claim like this sometimes at the time it is easy to feel a lot of negative emotions and see rationally whether or not it was right that you were dismissed. Here are some fair reasons for dismissing an employee…

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Misconduct – This covers a lot of things. If you are fired for misconduct, it could be for consistently bad timekeeping so turning up frequently late to work for example. To start with you will receive warnings but if this persists then you will be dismissed. Gross misconduct is something very serious and you will often not receive a warning for something such as theft or violence for example.

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Poor Performance – If you are not doing the job you are paid to do to the required standard, this will be classed as poor performance. This could mean that you are consistently making errors in your work or are not giving due attention to the job. Before being dismissed, the employer will likely speak with you to try to work out a way to manage this, and support you in the role, but if this does not help the matter then it could end in dismissal.

Redundancy – Sadly this is something that we have been hearing a lot about in the past year and a half as the pandemic has caused job cuts in many sectors. Redundancy is when your job role no longer exists. You are likely to be paid a compensation, this often depends on how long you have been in the job.