What would have happened if Tesla’s Tower had worked?

June 2, 2020 10:16 am


Nikola Tesla was a man before his time. Like Van Gogh he was so far ahead of his time that he died penniless and unsuccessful. It is only now, almost a century after his death, that we can begin to see the scale of his vision. We should also ask the question: What if his tower at Wardenclyffe had worked?

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Tesla’s vision of the provision of electricity to homes and businesses would have meant an interesting way for your Electric Meter box to record how you use it. I’m sure that https://www.meterbox.co.uk/electric-meter-boxes would have come up with an idea to deal with it.

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The theory was that the tower would conduct electricity without using wires. Tesla had made a large amount of money on his work developing the AC alternating current so he could build it. Success would mean that all anyone at the other end would need to do is have a corresponding tower at the other end to receive the charge. This could then be sent out to smaller towers. In other words we’d all have a mini Tesla tower on our roof to receive the electricity signal. Tesla ran out of money before he could complete the work and it remained theoretical.