What to do when you get your wedding photography back

June 3, 2020 10:31 am


What to do when you get your wedding photography back

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. There is a huge amount of preparation involved in getting it just right, and it can be very costly.

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According to the Huffington Post, the average wedding in 2017 will cost more than £27,000.

Once the venue, menu and guest list have been decided, thought turns to other must-haves, such as a photographer. Although the costs for a photographer are a small percentage of the overall bill, averaging between £600 and £700, capturing your day so that you can look back at it in the future is hugely important to most couples.

You need to choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with, perhaps someone who has been recommended. You then need to work with them to determine the type of photographs you would like on the day – formal, reportage or a combination of both. If there are some specific groups of people you would like pictures of, you need to let your photographer know so that they can be sure to capture them.

Your big day is over, your honeymoon is a distant memory and your wedding photos are ready, but what do you do with them once you have looked through them and relived the day?

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Digital images

Most photographers will provide a digital back-up of your images, which not only enables you to keep them safe but also share them with friends and family on social media.

Digital photo frames are another way to showcase your images so that you get to see them every day.

Printed photographs

Many couple still like to have a traditional album to hold their wedding photos and there is a huge range to choose from. Your wedding photographer can often arrange this for you as part of your package; alternatively, if you prefer, you can print your own selected pictures, buy an album and do it yourself.

You may also choose to have a favourite image enlarged and either framed, mounted on a canvas or created as an acrylic block.

Another idea is to have pictures made into thank you cards so that your guests have a permanent reminder of your big day.