How to safely move a spray booth

June 3, 2020 10:37 am


how to safely move a spray booth

Paint booths are anything but small. Many times, they must be large enough to fit anything from aircraft to big boats and cars. That’s why moving them from one place to another is no simple task.

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Because of their incredible size, safety is a factor that must be addressed. Not only should you be prepared to load and unload your paint booth safely and securely, but you should know how to transport it on shared roads where there are abundant safety hazards.


Before you look into hiring a transporter, you’ll need to know the exact measurements including weight, dimensions and overall volume of your paint booth. That way, you’ll know exactly what size transporter to use.

Most paint booths weigh at least two tonnes, which means your SUV or pickup won’t do the job. Something like a flatbed truck or even a heavy equipment trailer is likely to be more appropriate.

The type of paint booth you have will determine the best way you can transport it. However, most come in parts that have to be assembled, including the Spray booth filters, the exhaust and the floors. This means that you’ll either have one large crate or a number of boxes that are filled with paint booth parts to be assembled on delivery.

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You’ll need to ask your retailer a number of questions, including:

  • How many boxes will there be?
  • How much will the boxes weigh?
  • Will workers be supplied to load the booth?
  • Is there a lift available to help with loading?

It’s always best to hire a professional when transporting your paint booth. This means hiring a moving firm that has experience with the transportation of such heavy loads. Inexperienced drivers often underestimate how difficult it is to manoeuvre trucks that are carrying such heavy loads.


If you make it back in one piece, that’s great news. The bad news is that you now have to unload the paint booth with its parts, including spray booth filters. You’ll need a specialised lift or some form of crane to achieve your objective.

You’ll be able to hire a crane for the day to carry out the operation. Under no circumstances should you remove the paint booth by hand. This is a recipe for disaster and could cause great injury to those who try it.