How to Help Loved Ones With Limited Mobility

January 12, 2022 5:38 am


The first step in helping a loved one with limited mobility is to understand the limitations of their body. Some mobility problems can be exacerbated by underlying medical conditions. For instance, arthritis or osteoporosis can make it difficult for a person to move. Certain medications can also worsen the situation. Diabetes and obesity are also factors that can cause a loss of mobility. Excess weight can also make mobility difficult, since it places added strain on the joints and bones. Treatment may include medication or physical therapy. In some cases, surgery may be required. Mobility aids are also an important tool for helping those with limited mobility. For a selection of Mobility Aids, try a site like Ability Superstore

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If possible, encourage your loved one to remain active. Ask the doctor to suggest suitable exercises, and then assist them as they perform them. The exercises may include simple stretches, chair activities, or short walks. Following a regimented exercise programme is an important way to prevent a decline in your loved one’s condition.

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The first step in helping a loved one with limited mobility is to encourage them to be active. Encourage your loved one to participate in physical therapy, which can help improve strength and balance. You can also encourage your loved one to continue participating in their favourite activities and using mobility aids can help them to achieve this.