How exploded product diagrams work

January 14, 2022 11:08 am


When you create and develop products that have high technical elements, such as parts for manufacturing or items that have many moving elements, it can be difficult to demonstrate the full workings and design to your potential customers. This is where diagram systems like those from can help. These styles of drawings are often more commonly known as exploded diagrams.

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Exploded diagrams can show how items are made and what component parts are included and they are also incredibly useful when showing customers how to put items together. They are traditionally used in instruction manuals for building items as they help to show components that might otherwise be hidden from view when shown in a solid drawing.

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They work by taking the component parts of an item and separating them out in an exploded view and then making connections, usually with dotted lines, to show their relationship to one another and how they work together to make the finished item. In some cases these diagrams will help to replace the need for detailed written instructions on how an item works or is made up. This makes them much more accessible for all to use and can be used to help those with literacy difficulty or even to produce instructions that can be used across a number of different languages, without the need for too much translation.