The trend of disaster films in the 70’s

June 30, 2020 2:45 pm


Following the commercial success of the Airport films (the first one making more than Spartacus!) There was a trend for disaster movies that swa the 70’s produce a huge amount. They were generally star studded affairs with experienced old stars rubbing shoulders with new up and coming ones. Part of the fun is trying to see which ones come to a sticky end. A lot of these films pop up on Television from time to time and to make sure you can see everything in perfect clarity you should have a word with this TV Aerial repair Gloucester based firm.

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In 1974 Charlton Heston could do nothing as Los Angeles fell foul of the San Andreas fault line. Cue lots of screams, ripped polyester dresses and people finding out what’s really important in life.

The Towering Inferno. Budget saving cuts to health and safety means that this huge skyscraper catches fire. As usual, it’s all Richard Chamberlain’s fault. A bickering Steve McQueen and Paul Newman argue about what to do and who should get top billing in the credits.

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Finally Sean Connery looks very worried as a Meteorite is about to strike the earth. Luckily the Russians have secretly built a Nuclear Missile platform, the same as we have. Despite the fact it breaks up the splinters still manage to hit Sean and his love interest in New York.