If it’s a holiday in Antarctica bring the sunscreen.

July 2, 2020 2:06 pm


What’s the biggest desert in the world? It;s a popular misconception that it’s the Sahara,  the Gobi or Death Valley USA. The fact is that none of these answers are correct. They do get some, if very, very little rainfall. There is one desert that hasn’t had rainfall for decades, and weirdly it is made of water. The only trouble is is that water is frozen solid. It is the entire continent of Antarctica.

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Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and above all driest place in the world. It also features the South Pole. If you stand there it might boggle your mind to know that you are standing completely upside down. There’s virtually no population, save for some very hardy Scientists, and a lot of Penguins and fish.

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Those scientists need the protection from the sun.  Due to human interference the Ozone layer is severely depleted exposing them and buildings to the Suns rays. They will need to use Brise Soleil covering from https://alusystems.uk/ for safety.

Surprisingly there is a growing tourist interest to see this icy wasteland. To be fair if the weather is favourable, which is rarely the case, it does look incredibly beautiful.