The amazing ability of Pneumatic Conveying

July 2, 2020 3:38 pm


Moving things around a warehouse or factory can be difficult. If it’s a solid item then a good old fashioned forklift truck will probably suffice. But, what if it’s powder you want to move, or a liquid or a really small item like paracetamol tablets, what can you do then? The answer is embedded in science and ingenuity. It is the Pneumatic Conveying system like that from

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You’ve probably seen a pneumatic system in action before. When you go shopping in a supermarket have you considered how all the cash gets back to the cash office? When the cashier reaches a certain amount they pop it in a pod that shoots back into the cash office to be counted. The movement of goods works in the same way.

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Compressed air is shot along the tubes pushing the products in front of it. It is a very powerful force but, because of the nature of air pressure applying itself equally over something, it doesn’t rupture or break the subject. This makes it a wonderfully safe system for moving really difficult substances like powder from one end of the factory to the other.