How your courier can still help when the weather is bad

May 7, 2020 4:27 pm


In winter the weather is particularly bad so customers know that they will experience shipping delays at some point. With icy roads and wintery snowstorms, there’s not much that a courier will be able to do so that the deliveries continue to flow smoothly. So what can you expect from your courier when the weather is bad?

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If you’ve contacted a courier to deliver something that’s important but the winter weather has hit, you will have a few questions about what happens to your parcel. Don’t worry. We’re here to answer all of your courier questions so you know what to expect when the weather is bad.

What happens to delivery times in winter weather?

A delay is expected when the weather is bad. Couriers always want to get their deliveries done on time, but bad weather is something that can’t be helped. If this happens, the courier should call you to let you know there is an interruption in service. Trust in your courier service and know they’re doing their best to deliver your package on schedule.

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Protection against delivery delays

The best part about professional courier services is that you’ll receive updates about the progress of your package. If there is a delay because of the weather, you’ll be told immediately. With this status checker, you’ll know the precise whereabouts of your parcel and can locate your delivery anytime you want.

How dire does the weather have to be?

Usually, a courier service will continue to brave the bad weather to deliver your parcels. Snow, ice storms and heat waves don’t stop them often. Serious winter weather on the roads such as snow and ice can stop a courier from driving to the delivery location. In this instance, it’s completely understandable that your parcel will be delayed as you have to think about the safety of the drivers.