The Funniest man in Britain came from Bedford

June 18, 2020 3:14 pm


Fork Handles, Half U N E X, Porridge and Open All Hours all of these classic comedy moments and sitcoms came from the late great Ronnie Barker. Usually in cahoots with his comedy partner and life time friend Ronnie Corbett, he was one of best known and much loved comedians. He was born in the fair town of Bedford, a great place to grow and learn one’s comedy trade. It’s a great place to live as a Park Homes Bedfordshire property owner will tell you. Take a look at to see what they all mean.

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Barker had aspirations to be a straight actor but soon found, once he was in rep, that the comedic performance was more his forte. He was just a naturally funny performer and he was soon in demand. He began on the West End combining it with a stand out performance in the radio comedy The Navy Lark. This was a considerable achievement as he was alongside very established actors like Jon Pertwee and Leslie Phillips.

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His Television work began on the Frost Report. This was the main satirical poke show of the day. It is here that he met Ronnie Corbett and would perform a regular famous sketch with him and John Cleese about the British Class system.