Improving Your Technique in the World of Bowls

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improving your bowling technique

Bowls is a very popular game throughout the world, as it is easy and relatively cheap to take up. You will need special shoes, white clothes and possibly bowling gloves or supports for your bowling wrists.

Although it is simple to start playing, you will spend a lifetime perfecting techniques and learning new skills. You can also start off by borrowing equipment such as the bowls and shoes before buying your own if you decide to take up the sport.

Many bowling clubs will offer open days, so you can talk to members and try your hand at the sport as well.

It’s a great way to keep fit, get some healthy exercise and meet new people with a shared interest.

Tips to Improve Your Bowling

Your team-mates may also pass on their tips to improve your game.

For example, the grip that you use to hold the bowl and your delivery technique are the two things which will influence performance the most, according to World Bowls.

So you will need to practise your technique to find an action which is comfortable for you as well as effective. You will need to make sure that you remain balanced and stable during the delivery and that the ball is released smoothly so it does not wobble or balance.

Once you are on the green, have a few practice shots to get a feel for the lay of the land. For example, if the grass is short or wet, it means faster bowls, says an article at

Adjust Your Shots According to the Game

You should bowl a slow but steady shot if you want to curve in to the jack or a stronger shot for a more direct tactic. A hard shot is best if you want to knock your opponent’s bowls out of the way.

Obviously, this puts a lot of strain on the arms and wrists. You can get special bowling gloves to improve your grip on the bowl as well as supports for your bowling wrists. These can help to keep the muscles warm and supple.

You can add to or update your bowling kit as you become more experienced.